About us




The History & The Team

My name is Hannah and my father owns one of the UK`s largest herb supply companies so from an early age my whole world was based on “herb talk”. The stories of how various herbs had changed peoples lives inspired me to look into how this could relate to cosmetics. And now so much more…

2017 – I consider myself very fortunate having been able to work for the past 12 months with a team assembled by my father on this project which has resulted in our first range of natural, herbal based cosmetics. Our dedicated staff have worked at a tremendous pace with hundreds of rare herbs being tested.

2018 – Our product range has grown extensively over the last year to now incorporate a whole range of herbal based products from organic herbal powders, teas and capsules to our new “liquid herb range”

Our Products

Whilst our focus is on herbs we also understand that it is impossible to stand in the way of scientific advancements.

Our philosophy is to look at these and see whether they can be derived from natural sources rather than synthetics.

We are also against animal testing so always insist from our suppliers that the same goes for them.